Academic Planning & Monitoring Section

Dr. Sasanka Sekhar Bishoyi


Mrs. Dhanya Vineesh



Academic is the foundation and overall students competence is our aim. CCET follows the semester system of academics. In addition to lecture and tutorial classes,their are unique features as projects, case studies, seminars, field visits & educational tours. Apart from these activities Academic Section manages and monitors college internal examinations periodically and used to send the progress reports of students to their parents at least once in a semester. A closely knit Teacher-Guardian relationship exists in the college whereby each student is assigned a teacher as his/her Guardian throughout his/her stay in the college for four years. Parents are requested to coordinate with the respective Teacher-Guardians to know the well being and the status of their wards.

Academic Evaluation

Academic activities are designed and monitored in Academic Section based on the planning by Academic advisory body and the college senate. At the beginning of each semester, a common academic calendar for all the semesters is planned. The Academic Section has a Continuous Evaluation System for students which closely monitor the daily period wise activities for onward computation of student performance.

Question Bank for each subject is prepared by the subject teacher based on previous year university question paper & other important topics. Question paper for class test is prepared based on question bank.

Internal college examination is planned centrally at Academic Section. The Sessional Marks is computed based on following parameters.

1. Attendance
2. Class Test
3. Assignments & Seminars

This data is available to students on regular basis over intranet terminals in the college. Thus a student has an idea of how many Sessional marks he may earn at the end of semester. Student feedback will be used to improve the course delivery of the faculty and it is monitored by every head of the departments.