To develop the socio-economic conditions of the community a disease free healthy generation is very much essential. Keeping this aspect in mind Women’s Grievance & Redressal Cell and NSS unit of Christian College of Engineering & Technology, Bhilai (CCET), jointly felt the urge of educating the underprivileged and less aware people about Health rights and services through experts. CCET, Bhilai cordially invited a team of five doctors along with nine supporting staff from C M Medical College & Hospital.

The health camp started with Orientation Session held in the auditorium of the Christian College of Engineering & Technology, Bhilai at 10:00 am on 21th Jan’2016. Around 1500 members including CCET family and people residing nearby college attended the camp. The primary objective of this health awareness program was to “Keep people disease free”. The diseases like diarrhea, malaria, dengue, hookworm, diabetics, high blood pressure etc get spread due to irregular lifestyle and lack of knowledge. Medicines were provided to all the members who were found to be in need of them. There were some patients who were found to go for detailed checkups and treatment are called to C M Medical College & Hospital through free treatment card. The camp helped them to know about their medical status and how to adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent diseases.

Personal hygiene, Awareness on health injurious addiction, Household water treatment and safe storage for drinking and daily other activities, Basic household waste management, Using antidote for domestic animals/birds, Cleaning the surroundings of residence and using insects (mosquito/fly) pesticide, Children’s health, Mother’s health and Several health related symptoms for immediate consultation with doctors and Various diseases were discussed by Dr Maan Singh and initiatives were suggested to be taken among the groups during the health awareness lecture session. While addressing to the students of CCET Bhilai, Child-to-child and child-to-community strategies are discussed to be adopted to spread vital health message as children are the best messenger to carry the message to their parents, family and other community members.

Rev Fr Jose K Varghese, Executive Vice Chairman and Dr Dipali Soren, the Director CCET conveyed their warm greetings to all participants to get aware about health. Rev Fr Varghese, Executive Vice Chairman congratulated Mrs. Sudha Singh (Head of Women’s Grievance & Redressal Cell (CCET) & HOD Library) and MR. Anil Choubey (Head NSS unit) Coordinators of the free health camp, for their sincere effort. Rev Fr Varghese and Dr Dipali Soren conveyed their sincere thanks to C M Medical College & Hospital for their noble cause.