CHRISTIAN College of Engineering and Technology (CCET), Bhilai has been blending academic excellence with industrial knowhow. In this sequence the students of 7th semester of Electrical Engineering Department of Christian College visited Electric Loco Shed, BMY Charoda  on 9 september  2016 along with Manoj Kumar Nigam, Pramod Kumar Baghmar and Payal Roy, Assistant Professors from Electrical Dept. The main objective behind this industrial tour was to make students aware about the Traction motors performance. Rajesh Shrivastav, Senior Section Engineer, SECR showed various equipments used for Electric loco motive to the students. While showing various sections of the Electric loco shed, he told them about the Pentograph, DC traction Motor, DC series Motor, Shunting Conductor and VCB. The students of Electrical dept. were grateful to the Mr. A. Saxena DEE, SECR and CCET management including Executive Vice Chairman, Fr. Jose k Varghese and the Principal, Dr Dipali Soren, Mr. Mukesh Kumawat, HOD of Electrical Department and faculty co-coordinators for organizing and making the trip memorable. The EVC, Fr Jose K Varghese and Principal, Dr Dipali Soren extended their well wishes to the students and conveyed their support for any such future endeavors .