Christian College of Engineering and Technology (CCET), Bhilai is a melting pot of academics, research and industrial innovation since 1998. Having left no stone unturned CCET has been constantly inviting personals from various countries to introduce their innovations and technologies into modern Indian students. To motivate the young minds of CCET for research and job opportunities in the field of clean energy, a guest lecture was organized in the auditorium of CCET. The Guest Speaker, Dr Cherian Thomas, Senior Director of the German Bank was welcomed by the Principal of CCET, Dr Dipali Soren in the presence of Fr Jose K Varghese, EVC, CCET, Dr Jayakumar Jayaraman, HOD of Mechanical engineering dept., faculties, TPO coordinators, technical staff and students. Dr Cherian Thomas delivered An educational and motivating lecture on the modern power sector markets, its regulation standards and technological challenges.

Dr Cherian Thomas said that Non-conventional sources of energy like solar, wind, geo thermal etc are the need of the hour and these sources will play a vital role in the growth of our country. He said that non-conventional sources are cost effective as well as ecosystem friendly in reducing green house gases emission. It is dependent on three factors that are regulators, market and technology. He taught the gathering about the problems and opportunities as well as the future of power industry. He compared the fully regulated Indian market with one-third deregulated US market where they have met the emissions standards laid out by Kyoto protocol through the displacement of coal by shell gas. He said that Indian power sector which heavily depends on coal can take a cue from US for cleaner energy generation. He emphasized the role of market in research and development of clean energy. By providing transparency a lot of capital can be attracted in the power sector, which then enables the intellectuals to solve rising global energy crisis. He pointed out that solar and wind power fluctuate throughout the day, which leads to their undependability which in turn makes power storage solutions one of the most lucrative market opportunity. He urged the gathering to take these problems as an opportunity and he urged that when you work, never lose sight of why you work.

The EVC, Fr Jose K Varghese gave the vote of thanks and extended the support of CCET in any and all future endeavors of academic industrial interaction.