Last decade has seen a tremendous rise in vehicles owned by school and college going youth. This steep growth has also lead to alarming increase in road accidents which claim a significant number of lives every year. So it becomes the responsibility of the parents, guardian and institutes to create awareness amongst youth. Christian College of Engineering and Technology (CCET), Bhilai has always risen up to such challenges by organizing educational awareness programs by experts who can nip the problem before budding. One such beneficial program on Road safety and Traffic Rule awareness was organized by National Service Scheme (NSS) Cell of Christian College under the tutelage of the NSS Coordinator, Mr Manmohan Soni. The Chief Guest of this program was Mr Pulak Bhattacharya, Regional Traffic Inspector, Transport Department of Government of Chhattisgarh. Mr Pulak Bhattacharya was welcomed by the HOD of Mechanical Dept, Dr Jayakumar Jayaraman in the presence of senior faculties, technical staff, NSS student coordinators and NSS members. In his welcome speech Dr Jayakumar Jayaraman expressed his gratitude to Mr Bhattacharya and asked the gathering to heed his call of road safety and traffic awareness. He said that such fruitful programs are necessary in these increasingly volatile times, where time has become a scarce resource. The Guest Speaker Mr Pulak Bhattacharya urged the gathering to respect traffic rules even when unmonitored. He gave various real life examples to help create awareness and better understanding of road and automobile hazards. He said that every year more than 1.5 lakh lives are lost due to automobile accidents whose main causes are rash driving, driving under influence or lack of safety devices like driver and pillion helmets. He informed that traffic police has deployed state of art alcohol and drug analyzers, yet they are all for naught without individual efforts to curb road accidents. He also urged the gathering to never overload the vehicle. The Vote of Thanks was given by the anchor of the program Mr Felix Paul, Assistant Professor, Mech Dept. The Executive Chairman of CCET, Fr Jose K Varghese and the Principal, Dr Dipali Soren expressed their gratitude to Mr Bhattacharya and congratulated NSS Cell for organizing this beneficial program. They extended and pledged all the resources at their disposal to curb this rising menace.